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Delivering valuable people practices and programs that enable organizational agility is the future of HR.

Working to increase HR's knowledge of Agile and Scrum is the first step. 

And, beyond learning - using Agile methods and Scrum for most HR initiatives it fits - elevating and expediting the way cross-functional HR teams work to deliver real, incremental value to employees and organizations - increasing resiliency to the complexity that often takes HR  initiatives off course and off budget and elevating  the profession to new levels of strategic relevance. 

Organizational Agility Powered by Scrum

Knowledge is power and learning the depth of Agile and methods like Scrum as a way to enable agility and increase engagement and value creation is the power HR can harness to drive meaningful and lasting change


We will help you learn how:

HR  leaders recognize, coach, and challenge teams and organizational leaders to navigate the shift in collaboration and value creation in an agile organization

HR teams can maximize delivery of iterative and incremental value of their initiatives by using Scrum

Performance accountability, measurement, and forecasting work in an Agile organization

To evolve your existing people practices, programs, and service delivery approaches to enable true organizational agility

Take a listen to Beth on the Emerge Podcast talking about how Agile can be applied to human resources and be a powerful tool in developing, motivating and leading your workforce
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