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Llewellin helps companies serious about strategic gain, to embrace Agile values and principles, and methods as the modern way to pursue success in achieving shared vision and goals - in what is an inherently complex disruptive world.

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We help leaders create resilient, high-performance teams of teams that embrace continuous change & do great things with and for many!

We challenge people to become self-reliant in embracing the Agile values and principles, using Agile methods to pursue their own greater success.  We provide practical, lightweight workshops and coaching for organizations to use and continuously improve; and we teach people there is a lot you don’t “need to do” in order to be great.

Want to elevate your personal, team, and organizational success?  


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We Help You Explore Agility

Deciding what approach to take to enable your long-term goals of value creation and resiliency takes more than a training class.  We offer a blended approach that allows for you to explore what Agile mindsets, principles, and methods can do for you.

Workshop to experience different ways of working to help define the way forward 

Training to empower people and promote accountability

Leadership Workshops to align teams to vision and outcomes

Create HR Agility to shift culture, structure & people practices

We Help You Shift Your Culture

Agile is integral to any strategy for delivering software, business process optimization, and company-wide change initiatives.  And it can engage your culture in a profound way.


Customers are actively engaged in creating what will be most valuable to them

People doing the work are resilient to achieving important goals in the face of inherent complexity

Companies and teams run a better book of business in the traditional sense of cost-centers

Our Team

We intentionally challenge you to be self-reliant in pursuit of the most meaningful goals and excellence - by not inserting ourselves as experts who "fix you."  We work closely with your cross-functional leaders and teams to develop a culture of "coaching for resiliency" that consistently delivers value and high-performance. 

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